A fascinating blend of the past and present

Size: 19,5 x 14 cm
90 pictures with foils
96 pages
Paperback with flaps, spiral binding

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19,95 EUR

ISBN 9783862280674

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A tour of the City before and after the fall of the Wall

Frank Paul Kistner, Rainer Hartmann

Berlin has made a comeback to the stage of world metropolises. The city has nothing more to do with the Berlin where the Wall once stood. For the first time, this book employs a unique technique of photographic foils to show the breakneck, breathtaking changes of recent decades. These are windows on history, interfaces with a vanished and yet still extant past. With its photographic contrasts, this tour of Berlin before and after the Wall came down is stunning, astonishing and fascinating. This book is a must for all Berlin tourists and everyone who loves this city.